Crew App Statuses

1. Complete

In ACCOUNT DETAILS when all the data in complete your status will be COMPLETE.  If there are missing data fields the status will be INCOMPLETE 

2. Active

When all the data fields are complete in company sections of your profile your status will be ACTIVE

3. Incomplete

If you haven't fully completed all the data fields in company sections or ACCOUNT DETAILS  your status will be INCOMPLETE

4. Application

When you are in the process of applying to a company your status is APPLICATION until your profile and all data fields are complete

5. Invitation

When you have been invited to join a company your status will be INVITATION

6. Pending

When your application is in process your status is PENDING until you have been APPROVED or DECLINED by an agency

7. Waiting List

You have been added to the WAITING LIST for a job, this status will stay until you are notified otherwise.

8. Suspended

You have been suspended from an agency, Liveforce app have nothing to do with this decision and any questions need to be directed to the agency. 

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