This video tutorial shows admins how to do the following:

1. Invite other admin users into the agencies account

2. Set timezone

3.  Set currency

4. Add company / agency logo

5. Turn ability for crew to cancel through app on / off

6. Set default for whether jobs are posted to job board or not

7. Workforce Ids - how to import crew with existing ID´s from another system

8. Comms usage - overview over monthly usage of SMS, chat , emails etc

9. Configure Attributes to only collect whats needed from your crew when registering

10. Set up skills  - and adding custom ones

11. Set up which role types are used throughout platform

12. Add your company agreement for crew to agree to in app - and any additional questions you want them to answer

13. How to customise the crew application page with your own background image, logo , text etc

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