You have 30 days to submit expenses for a job you have completed.

1. My Calendar go to COMPLETED section

2. Click on the job you wish to submit expenses for

3. The third icon is a tick list for tasks, any outstanding will be highlighted in red and the status will say INCOMPLETE. If you have outstanding expenses to complete it will be listed here.  

Or you can add your expenses via the last icon.  To add expenses select ADD RECEIPT

4. Fill out all the fields - a description of expense, type, company, cost and upload a screenshot of the receipt


6. You can then add more expenses if you have them, or delete if you've made a mistake.  If all your expenses have been uploaded...

A warning message will pop-up to confirm your expenses as they cannot be amended once submitted. If correct press SUBMIT, if you think you've made a mistake press CANCEL to review.

8. Once submitted the status of your expenses will change from PENDING to SUBMITTED

9. The agency will be notified you have submitted expenses.  When they approve the expenses the status will change to APPROVED

NOTE: If there are no expenses to claim select NO EXPENSES TO CLAIM

A warning message will pop up to check you don't want to submit expenses, you have the choice to confirm by pressing SUBMIT or it it a mistake you can CANCEL

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