How do I submit my timesheet?

Your timesheet will automatically be submitted after you have finished the job. Unless you make any changes the timesheet will automatically be PENDING APPROVAL 

So if there aren't any changes you don't need to do anything. 

If you need to amend your timesheet you have up to 72 hours to do this after the job has finished. 


2. Select COMPLETED  tab. 

From here you can then select the right job and make edits as required.

In the example below the crew submits a claim for an extra hour's work. The agency will then review this claim and either approve or decline. You can also provide more detailed info by adding a comment. 

3. Add expenses if you have any - got to Crew: Expenses Explained article on how to do this.

4. When a disputed timesheet is submitted by crew its status changes from APPROVED to REVIEW, ie. something for admin to look at.  All changes are highlights in red. The agency you worked for will  get a notification of a dispute and they will then have to approve 

5. When it is approved it will change to  APPROVED

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