This feature gives you an overview of your jobs; ones you are booked on or have applied to.  They are separated by “Upcoming” and “Completed”

If you click on a job it will give you all the details the Agency has submitted, such as start time, location, directions, tasks you need to complete, any requirements etc.  Make sure you read it carefully.

Status of Jobs

This works on a traffic light system

GREEN - booked and confirmed for a job

AMBER - awaiting confirmation

Getting invited to a job

If an agency invites you to a job - rather than you looking through the job board and applying - it will appear in your Calendar as JOBS WE THINK  YOU WILL LIKE

Click to open these jobs, review the details and if you want the job, simply press ACCEPT, if you don’t press DECLINE.
If you ACCEPT you are then CONFIRMED on the job and it will turn GREEN in your calendar

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