The JOB BOARD is a list of jobs currently available with the agency - or agencies- you are signed up with. You can scroll through to see the job ads and the roles available.

1. In the Liveforce app select JOB BOARD 

2. Scroll through Jobs - Familiarise yourself with the Job Board by looking around. 

3. Filter jobs. You have the option to filter by things like role type or distance.  Choose the filters you wanT to use then select VIEW RESULTS

This example has filtered by Job role

This example has filtered by Job role, distance from home and date - have a play to familiarise yourself with it.

4. When you find a job you like on the job board, click to select it for more details.

Once you've clicked on a job you're interested in you are going to see more information such as; who the primary contact is in the agency, the rate of pay, the role description and if the job has any REQUIREMENTS. If you are a good match...

5. Press APPLY

The agency will then review your application.
This Job will then display as AMBER with the word APPLIED (see below), until you have been accepted or declined for the role.  If you are ACCEPTED the role will turn GREEN and you will receive a push notification to let you know.

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