Before you can start applying for jobs you’ll need to complete your profile

1. Fill out all sections in PROFILE in full. 

There is a tick box for each section.  Green tick means the section is complete ✅, red means outstanding information is needed.

TIP: It's very important to fill your profile out in full.  Any gaps could mean a delay in getting paid by the agency you are working for.

2. ROLES: click the roles you would like to be considered for. 

TIP: select as many relevant roles as possible and don't forget to keep coming back to update this list.

In the example below the crew updates which job roles they are interested in working. 

3. Once you have filled every section out remember to click SAVE

TIP: Get into the habit of always clicking SAVE to update any changes

4. SKILLS: often there is a required skill for a particular role, so make sure you tick as many relevant skills you have as possible. For particular skills evidence is needed, for example first aid certificate.  This can be uploaded onto your profile by taking a picture of the certificate and saving to the app.

Again remember to update and SAVE

5. CONTRACT: Some agencies will require you to sign a contract. If the agency has added this feature it  can be done digitally within the app.  

6. BANK DETAILS: fill out your bank details and confirm whether you are employed or self-employed.

7. If you have followed all these steps and there are no RED outstanding areas, congratulations! Your profile is now FULLY COMPLETE you can start applying for jobs through the job board!
Welcome to the Liveforce Crew APP!

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