Please note that the list of features and target delivery dates is subject to change at anytime without notice.


New Crew Email Notifications
Our recent notifications survey highlighted that email was the channel that Crew (and Admins) had the most confidence in to receive and view important messages. As such, we will be introducing a range of email notifications throughout September. Here's a few of examples:

This email will also include an post-approval information

Admins will soon have the ability to decline applicants:

Role Switching
Admins will be able to switch Crew between jobs and over Boards to make the management of this process much easier.

Internal Notes

Leave notes and feedback on crew that are not related to a specific job.

Upload Passport Photo

Crew will be required to upload a copy of their passport.

Move Applicants into your 'Waiting List'
Move crew that you may want to use at a later date onto the 'Waiting List'. You can still communicate with them and they can access their profiles to keep them up-to-date. When you're ready just change their status to 'Approved' giving them access to your Job Board. 


Platform reporting
Create custom reports using Workforce and Job data and download in CSV format for further analysis, eg. 'estimated vs actual salaries', 'number of cancellations during the past 3-months'.

Location Importer
Import a long list of locations, dates and roles via a XLS template making the creation of complex projects even quicker and simpler.

Role hours/fee change Crew accept/decline option
Allowing admins to decide if crew should have the option to decline changes to start/end time and/or fee changes on a Role.

Crew Data Management
This big update will allow clients to select what data they want to collect from crew during the application phase and once approved.

Workforce Management
Improvements to how crew are approved, suspended and deleted – including default emails and more control over what is sent.

Promote Roles to crew who match all requirements
Option to make specific Roles visible to only those crew that match all requirements.

Admin ability to edit Roles, Skills and Departments
Admins will be able to manually amend Roles, Skills and Departments that crew have selected.

Validation and expiry dates
Validate Roles, Skills, Age, Attributes and work visa/identity docs. Admins and crew will get notifications when items are due to expire.

Crew owner notifications
Assign an owner to Crew in your database to receive notifications about that person including visa and document expiry dates.

Multi Day Roles
Create Roles that go across multiple days where you require the same person. Crew apply just once from the Job board.

Add 'Areas' to Roles
As an admin, a lot of crew that work at the same location will work in different areas within that location. Admins will be able to log what 'area' crew are assigned to within a location.

External Manager
Give crew and/or non-admins (eg. Bar manager) access to the admin platform for specific Boards/Jobs allowing them to review and approve timesheets and expenses.

Sneaky Peak

If you'd like to have a sneaky peek of any these new features or discuss them in more details please email to organise an online walk-through.

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