After logging into the app for the first time you will need to complete your profile. 

Simply follow each step.  Your profile is complete when you have all green ticks ✅.

In the example below the crew updates which job roles they are interested in working. 


The agency you work for has the option to publish the jobs they have available to a job board.
From here you will be able to see info about the job and apply.

To find jobs  you can either a)  browse the board or b) filter it to show specific jobs. 


Once you've found a job you are interested in you can apply by clicking on the role you're most interested in, reading the information and then clicking apply. 

In the example below the crew applies to the Crewing (Rigger) role. 


I´m missing requirements, can I still apply?  

When an agency creates a job they may request that you have certain skills to do the job. The app will show you which requirements these are and which ones you are missing. NB: You can still apply if you don´t match all the requirements!

If you need to update the agency on which skills you have, go to "Profile" > "Skills" and select the ones you have. 

What should I write in the application response?

Sometimes the agency may want to know why they should choose you over others. Use this opportunity to sell yourself!

How will I know if I get the job?

If the agency accepts your application you will be notified in the app with a push notification and the job will change from the Orange status (Applied) to Green (Booked) on the Job Board  and also in your "My jobs" page. 

How do I cancel my application? 

If the job is still in the applied status (e.g Orange) you can easily remove your application by opening up the job and clicking "cancel application" 

 How do I cancel a job I am confirmed on? 

If you've been already confirmed on a job (e.g Green) then you can cancel through the app if the agency has this feature activated.  

If this feature is deactivated then you will need to contact the agency and let them know. 

Contact information for the primary contact is on the job info. See example 👇


Liveforce gives you a beautiful calendar so you can easily keep track of all the jobs you've applied to and the ones you've been booked on. 

Here's a key for your reference: 

  1. Jobs marked with BLUE require an action. In this example the Liveforce app is asking you to confirm your attendance. You will also be able to plan your travels by clicking "directions". 
  2. GREEN jobs are the ones you are booked/confirmed on. Clicking the job will open up details about the job. 
  3. Lucky you! This means the agency has specifically requested you for the job. Let them know if you can do it by either clicking "Accept" or "Decline"
  4. ORANGE jobs are the ones you've applied for. If your application is successful they will turn Green. 


How do I set my availability? 

Travelling the world? Busy on other projects? Or just taking some time out? Let the agency know by adding to your calendar when  you're NOT available for work.
You can remove it by clicking the "X".

How do I submit my timesheet?

Your timesheet will automatically be submitted after you have finished the job. So if there aren't any changes you don't need to do anything. 

If for whatever reason you need to amend your timesheet then you have up to 72 hours to do this after the job has finished. 

Go to "My Calendar" and then select the "Completed"  tab. From here you can then select the right job and make edits as required.

In the example below the crew submits a claim for an extra hour's work. The agency will then review this claim and either approve or decline. You can also provide more detailed info by adding a comment. 

How do I submit my expenses?

If the agency has set an expense allowance for the job you will be able to claim back your expenses by uploading receipts in the app. You have up to 30 days after the job has finished to do this.

  • First find the job in question under "My Calendar" > "Completed" tab
  • Click "Add receipt" and fill out the necessary information
  • Make sure you upload all your receipts before clicking "submit claim for approval"
  • Add any additional comments to explain the expenses if necessary
  • The agency will then review your claim. You can see the status of your claim in your "EARNINGS" page. 


To help you keep track of your estimated earnings and the status of your expense claims use the EARNINGS Page. 

See example below.


UPCOMING  = job hasn't started yet :-)
APPROVED = Salary/expenses have been approved and will be paid in line with agency rules
PENDING APPROVAL = The agency has yet to process
PAID = Agency has paid the amount and it should be in your bank account soon


Probably the most important part of the app. Here you will receive notifications about: 

  • Jobs you are booked on / invited to / cancelled
  • Changes to jobs e.g location / timings
  • Messages for chats you are apart of

Make sure you check them regularly and respond promptly :-) 

If you experience any issues please reach out to our support team through the HELP section.

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