We will soon be updating the crew app to allow crew to manage work from
multiple agencies using the same app. 

The 2 key changes are listed below:

1. A calender showing all your jobs

In your "My calender" you will be able to see all the jobs you´ve been confirmed on and applied to in the same calender. The logo in the top right hand corner of each job will let you know which agency it is for. (see example below)  

2. A seperate job board for each agency 

On the job board you´ll be able to quickly switch between each agencies job board making it easier to see the work each agency has available!  (see example below) 


When is this live? 

We plan to release this by the end of June 2019 (Hopefully sooner)
Once it´s live you´ll be able to manage all the agencies you work for in the app. 

I already have registered with more than one agency using different email adresses. What do i do?

After we´ve launched this feature we´ll help you merge the two accounts into one. We will be in touch to ask which will be your preferred email adress. 

Why can´t I currently use the same email adress to register for more than one agency?

We´re sorry - we´ve been focusing on other parts of the platform and this took a back seat.  However this is our number one priority right now!

How do I register for more than one agency now? 

You will need a unique email adress for each agency you register for.
Maybe set up a free gmail account? 

If you already have a gmail here´s a trick that works a treat:

1. when registering simply add  "+" and a memorable number eg "1" after the first part of your email adress and before the @. eg if my email adress was greg@gmail.com I´d register to the second agency using: greg+1@gmail.com
2. The emails will all come to the same inbox

What´s the best way to log in to all my accounts at the same time? 

Our best recommendation would be to log into one agency through the app (you´ll get push noptifications for this one)  and the other one on your phones browser. (you´ll get emails instead of of push notifications about job invites etc) 

What if I work for more than 2  agencies? 

The gmail trick will stil work - just use a different number after the + sign. eg  greg+2@gmail.com

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