On some occassions you may want your crew to check in at the location of the job when they arrive. This is a great way of knowing that they have arrived safely and on time. 

Liveforce uses geo fencing to do this. 

  1. On arrivial crew simply click the "check in" button 
  2. Admins can then see when each crew checked in on the "status" page 

In the example below we see how the  freelancer named Clark checks in  and then how the  admin sees this in the status page


Can the crew check in if they aren´t at the location?
Crew need to be within 500 m of the location set by admin in the jopb to check in. Liveforce uses the crews GPS position from  their smart device to check their location.
If the crew are too far away they will recieve a mesage letting them know. 

How to crew find their way to the location?
Clicking the "directions" button in the crew app will open up google maps and direct them exactly to the location set byu the admin in the job

Can we manually check in crew? eg if their phone is out of battery?
Yes, admins can  overide the status page and manually check in crew

What is the "attendence confirmed" status? 

48 hours before the job is due to start the crew will receive an automated message from Liveforce asking them to confirm their attendence on the upcoming job. This appears in the "My jobs" page in the crew app. This helps admins be reassured that the crew hasn´t forgotten that they are soon due to work. 

Can we create our own statuses?
This is something Liveforce will look to implement later. The general idea being that you can mark crew with some form of status to indicate where they are in the booking process. eg "telephone briefing complete"

What happens if crew don´t check in or we don´t want to use this feature?
The feature will always be there by deafult.  It´s upto each agency how they wish to use it. Not using it doesn´t stop crew using other parts of the app. eg submitting timesheets after job is finished, 

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