Step 1: 

Select the days you want to create a job on.

TIP:  If you need to create jobs on consecutive days (eg mon-wed)  hold down the SHIFT key whilst selecting. If you need to select non consecutive days use the CMD key whilst selecting. 

Step 2:

 Click the "+" key in the menu

Step 3:

Select the jobs you want to edit - you can use the SHIFT keys or CMD keys as required.
You will notice a pop in will appear. 

Step 4:

Add info about the job. You can see the  info outlined below  added in this video :

a) add a job title
b) add roles to the job - eg bartender / waitress
c) Set the wages, subsistence, expenses etc
d) Decide if you want to publish it to the crews job baord so they can apply
d) Add any skills to the job (eg flair bartender experience)
e) Add the location
f) Create a job add (if you´ve published it to job board)
g) Add any labels if required. (eg a project number if you use them) 

Step 5:

Remember to "SAVE"
Always be saving:-) 

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