Below are a list of some examples of promotional staffing work and a top overview of the duties and requirements.

You will generally be based in high-foot fall areas, inside or out. 

This will include handing out samples, educating people and engaging in conversation with various people throughout the promotional campaign.

This is similar to a product specialist as you will have additional training on product or service.

These demonstrations will then be used to show prospective customers the functions and features of your product or service.

Ring/Grid Girls & Promotional Models

These individuals help to create a feeling of glitz and glamour for the required event. 

Activities generally include engaging with the audiences, handing out samples. 

There are, generally, requirements on height, apperance and other factors too.


This requires on the feet thinking, glamour and being well presented as jobs can range from front-of-house to showing people to their seats. 

This role will inevitably require some customer service skills due to the nature of it.

Costume Work
This generally requires you to dress up in constumes and interact with customers. 

This job can be very intensive due to the heat and weight of some costumes so you will get plenty of breaks and opportunities to cool down.

Mystery Shopping
This is when you will be tasked with visiting a store and completing a checklist of actions and asking questions to the staff. 

You will need to provide scoring, feedback and overall thoughts to your agency.

Data Caputre

Can also be known as lead generation. This requires you to gather as many pieces of contact information as possible from your target buyers.

This may require dealing with a fair amount of rejections if the product or service is a hard sell.

Market Research
This promotional staffing role generally requires short hours to be worked. 

You will usually have to speak with a small group of individuals or having one-to-one discussions. 

Customer reviews and feedback are all part of market research.

This role normally requires you to be positioned by yourself or with a small group of people to hand our leaflets to people passing by. 

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