Pro's of Guerrilla Marketing:

  • Free or very cheap.
  • Use various free channels (social media, blog) to help leverage reach.
  • Nimble and creative methods to get noticed and infront of people.
  • It's fun and requires creativity.
  • Campaign press will help to increase awareness and potential sales.
  • Unique, causes buzz and attention grabbing.
  • Provides additional content material for use on company blog and social media.
  • Gathers insights and findings.
  • Memorable and innovative.
  • Potential for a great reach if campaign is done right.
  • Gets you out of the office and into the field.

Con's of Guerrilla Marketing:

  • Will need a lot of planning.
  • Need to spend time reviewing data to understand audience.
  • May end up being too off brand.
  • May look cheap or last-minute potentially alienating customers.
  • Doe not provide much movement of the needle in terms of success metrics.
  • Results may not be immediate, especially if the call-to-action is a bad choice for campaign and audience.
  • No guarantee that the campaign will work, drive traffic or go 'viral'.
  • Negative attention for your brand if the campaign is too far off the brand and values.

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